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Hello, I’m Ty —

I help organisations employ a playbook of user experience methods to measurably improve their products and services.

Reducing new joiner churn

UX, Product Management, DesignOps

Empowering designers

DesignOps | People management
  • Shawbrook Bank
    & Equal Experts

Commercial loan applications online

Research | Service Design | Prototyping | UI
2018 - 2019

Developing a UX Strategy for the world's largest wealth management platform

UX, Product Management, DesignOps

What people say

Endorsements from my former colleagues
  • Frances Ibe

    Director of SAAS product strategy and implementation at CareerBuilder
    Ty is most definitely a unique UX professional. He is able to develop low to high fidelity prototypes (including hand-coded prototypes in HTML and JS libraries) with compelling interactions while continually experimenting with the latest tools and methodologies. On top of this he can at a surprising speed, creatively develop solutions from what many would find confusing conversations. What makes him truly different is his distinct visual flair and passion for creating products that help consumers achieve goals beyond what they might have expected or asked for.
  • Brendan Sweeney

    Co-founder PopMenu

    Ty is a talented, creative UI/UX designer able to rapidly iterate through concepts at volume and narrow in on a final result that finds the simplest, most compelling way to meet the business need. He’s open minded and flexible but doggedly determined to get things done and have an impact.

  • Alison B. Lowndes

    Founder of AVIF & AI Engineer at NVIDIA

    Ty literally donated our entire ‘masterpiece’ website to aid our sustainable development work via volunteering. The guy simply rocks and I highly recommend Ty to anyone needing to make a bold statement with fresh professional use of technology.

  • Jason Wilkinson Brown

    Product Owner at Starling Bank

    As designers go Ty appears to be part of a rare breed who can accurately balance the importance of good look and feel versus unparalled usability. Ty naturally progressed in all but job title to lead the design team at TMDR and i have no doubt Ty’s future sits firmly in management or design project lead.

  • Joshua Harris

    Product Owner at Amazon

    I've known Ty for a long time now, we go to product conferences together and keep in touch. We've worked together on some exciting products too.

    He's a great team player and who maintains a laid back attitude yet he's super motivated to do awesome work.

My mission

Make complexity
profoundly simple

My mission is to take complex problems and make them profoundly simple. I do this by employing my UX manifesto to compliment Agile and Lean ways of working.

Top 10 reasons to hire me

In 90 seconds or less let me demonstrate to you why I am (or not) the right hire for you.

Ty Fairclough

TYIT Ltd provides a full-stack UX consultancy that designs accessible digital services. We've helped complex organisations like BEIS and DfE achieve digital transformation by running Lean and Agile discovery processes.

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