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10 reasons to hire

Ty Fairclough

It's hard to hire the right talent, we spend 35% of our waking hours together and often spend just a couple of hours deciding who that should be.

But who's got the time right?
Here are 10 reasons to hire me in under 2 minutes.


Full stack UX

Most UX designers are well versed in a single discipline, maybe two. I bring a broad range of skills useful for when you're a growing organisation or using cross-functional delivery teams.


UX Evangelist

I advocate the virtues of good UX by using tangible examples that I describe to people in a language they understand.



I empower those around me to achieve their full design potential. Mentorship is one mechanism I employ to achieve this


The great (in)validator

With each big idea or assumption, I set out to create a falsifiable hypothesis and test it. I am an expert in failure and a lover of the problem, not the solution.


Add humour, add value

I'll pick the perfect giphy for every slack situation and my "UX lessons from" articles are a light-hearted read that makes design more engaging.


Process driven

I'm a strong believer in using a good process to form the basis of how to work and work together. Using Agile and Lean practices allows teams to work harder… better… faster… stronger…


I'm authentic

I may not be the most eloquent human being but I'm authentic and a good listener. Users happily engage with me, feel at ease and are candid with their feedback. 


Design in the browser

I use HTML,CSS,JS to create believable prototypes using real data. No longer does a user have to suspend their disbelief.


Dedicated team player

I work hard for my team doing whatever is needed to get the job done. I'm well liked and respected by my peers. I try to use the same empathy I develop with users to understand my colleagues' perspectives.


I’m open to offers

Drop me a line, I would love to hear from you