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Thank you

This website and my work wouldn't be possible without the support of and generosity of family, friends, co-workers, businesses and, as good as, anonymous contributors to the web. While this list is not exhaustive, every day I turn on my computer I am in owe of the collaboration people far and wide achieve to make technology to improve people's lives. Thank you

To my wife Karly, thank you for everything you are simply brilliant.

To my friends, although you are few, I am lucky to have people choose to put up with me and be there always.

To my colleagues and particularly those who have mentored me, I have learnt so much and as the perimeter of my knowledge expands so too does my ignorance.

Thank you to the online communities that support millions for free, your goodwill enables the internet to grow and thrive by enabling those around you.

Thanks to those who make this website, it is the outside layer of an onion than runs deep so for now I'll keep it to the outside layers:

  • Pexels for the commercial-free usage of amazing images
  • YooTheme for building the beautiful and usable theme
  • Joomla! the non-profit that powers this sites CRM
  • SiteGround who manage the hosting
  • The Joomla! extension builders and modders

All acts great and small