Turn your e-mails into blog posts

How I make the most of some of my best e-mails

We often struggle to find the time to write a good blog. But often we’ve already written one. So often a consultant will be asked a question and the response is worthy of a blog post as the insight is applicable to all those with similar questions.

Why E-mail?

E-mail lends itself better than slack or other short form messaging systems as it tends to be more long form content. There’s usually less back and forth making the content easier to follow without context.

No more scouring through e-mails

Saving your most prolific e-mails as blogs, with a few tweaks, also means you build a public reference of insight that you and your peers can enjoy at a later date.

It’s Lean documentation

Documentation is often seen as wasteful and right up the top of Lean software principles is minimising waste. So what’s great about blogging e-mails is it was content that you had written anyway. Instead of throwing it away we’re recycling this is green lean.

How to

If you are looking for site content go through your sent mail and look for some juicy replies to share, anonymise them first of course. You’ll see the subject lines and quickly recall if anything constructive was said before opening up. Often an attachment or two can make for some great pre-canned resources to share on your blog too.

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