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Education and Skills Funding Agency

The apprenticeship funding service

The apprenticeship levy

An election manifesto pledge was made to introduce an apprenticeship levy onto all large organisations. The money generated was promised back in the form of state aid that could be spent solely on the provision of apprenticeship training. I was tasked with creating the key user journeys to realise the pledge made.

2016 - 2018 (contract)
PMs, Head of Digital Delivery, Head of Service Design
HTML/CSS/JS | | Google Analytics

The vision was to empower large levy-paying employers to spend the funds they had contributed through the levy they paid.

Broadly speaking the product journey was as follows:

  1. users claimed funds their employer had paid and
  2. found suitable training for their employees and forecast the costs of the training
  3. made a declaration to the Skills Funding Agency to spend said funds on the training provision found

Dedicated user research

As well as 4 shared researchers our team benefited from 1 dedicated researcher to collaborate with and get answers to a very specific hypothesis.

Weekly research playback

We were able to turn around a hypothesis in as little as one week. Rolling interview sessions meant we could user test in a Kanban fashion.

Dual-track agile

I introduced a Kanban board that was a sprint ahead of the delivery scrum to allow research to feed into the design before being caught up in the need to deliver the final solution.

MVP Interface

Our MVP for April 2017 allows users to complete several transactions. In Government each transactional product is assessed by a central board, our product challenged this status quo through its amalgamation of several products into one larger service.