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Interview presentation: NEO Pension company

My series of interview presentations are a collection of real artefacts I created for real interviews.


I was asked after an initial video call to work on a design task. The task was to build a dashboard for the organisation's customers that included a series of requirements.

Interview stats

  • Interview stage
    1st stage
  • Outcome

    Progressed to 2nd stage

  • Did I get the job?

    No, location was untenable


I began by breaking down the constituent parts of the brief and declaring assumptions.

I tried to demonstrate steps that would help me inform my design decisions and even ran real surveys with Google Opinion Rewards to prove it. This small expense, I believe, goes down well with the person reviewing the work as it shows a real investment of time and money into the job as well as a tangible artefact that they might get in future.

I picked out my favourite behavioural sciences around the subject area, luckily people like Richard Thaler and Shlomo Benartzi have spoken at length about 401k plans in the US and pension initiatives like Save More Tomorrow.

Finally, I did a UI, quick and dirty but included as much of the insight as possible.

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