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Enlightenment Now

Steven Pinker
It's a long read, a big presentation on how the world has improved for humanity. While I can't contest the data presented makes for a strong case, I'm never comfortable with the assertions about how things like capitalism have served us so well. But having said that I enjoyed the internal debate and thought provocation. My old leader read this book first and just hounded our WhatsApp group with quotes, I found myself finding new ones to throw at them after reading it myself. This book is loaded with really interesting insights gleaned from data. The book reads well, the IA of the book is well planned to go through all the themes of society but maintain a narrative that is cohesive. If you've ready 21 lessons for the 21st century this book dovetails really well and it is above all else a book fueled by optimism proven by the numbers and you should read it if you feel the doomsday clock is fast approaching.