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Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life

Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal revealed how the tech giants were creating products that built habits with their users in Hooked. Now he's on a mission to help us remove the negative distractions in our lives that are so often associated with those platforms and products. I had to check the total playtime because I just breezed through it, turns out it's just as long as your average book. I think that pays testament to its flowing narrative, how it segues and pulls back to the main takeaways along the way. It is very tactical, a step change from Hooked, but it is still supplemented by the behavioural sciences that underpin the suggested actions. What I found most distressing was just how relatable I found many of the scenarios described in the book. But I find it reassuring that I'm not the only person suffering from the infliction of distraction. Hopefully, it will inspire me to make more conscious choices about how I spend my time. It's worth noting there are some problematic behaviours in my life that I know see as symptoms to different issues that have caused me to seek distraction, like writing this review. That's not to say writing reviews is bad, but I can now identify that the way in which I engaged in this activity wasn't on the terms that I should have set. Now I can go forward and utilise these new techniques to be, indestractable.