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Irrational Game

Dan Ariely

No, it's not a book but a card game that has the look of exploding kittens and borrows some game mechanics. What makes this game different is its questions are all based on psychology experiments. Each card is a learning opportunity for a group of people. I don't play the full game, it's pretty intense and long. Instead, I'll pull these out every couple of weeks and challenge the group to a couple of rounds.  I've been working in finance and there's a whole bunch of cards that talk about people's behaviour when it comes to money. If you've read the books of Dan Ariely or others like Daniel Kahneman or Richard Thaler you'll spot some of the experiments, giving you a slight edge on your opponents.  A nice touch is a reference for further reading, which is super handy if you want to apply that science to one of your own experiments. The only downside is once you've done each card you can't really play them again, on the plus side there are so so many cards.