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Predictably Irrational

Dan Ariely

This guy has a story to tell, he doesn’t dwell on it too long, just the one segment of the book in relation to the peak-end effect. Curious to know his story or what the peak-end effect is? Then you should pick this one up. Like the book Thinking Fast and Slow this title goes through the biases, we humans have one example at a time. This makes the theory easy to digest if sometimes a little peculiar. I for sure can’t shake the disturbing notion of more people finding sex with an Animal more palatable after being aroused by pornography. There’s a lot in this book comparing heightened states to those of a normal state and how that can change one’s behavior often in ways we would consider harmful. If there’s a single lesson to take away it is to consider the state of the human you are interfacing with when you design your system.