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Interview presentation: FOODit

My series of interview presentations are a collection of real artefacts I created for real interviews.


In preparation for a second interview, I was asked to work on a design challenge.

FOODit is a tech start-up with big dreams to help the little guy in the hospitality industry fight back against the digital goliaths that have disrupted the market.

Interview stats

  • Interview stage

    2nd stage

  • Outcome

    Invited to team lunch

  • Did I get the job?


I decided to showcase my prototyping skills by using a slideshow javascript library. It allowed me to present my process and my skillset while reducing effort. Maybe you could say I was maximising the work not done and call it Agile too.

I told a story to kick things off, it's a nice way of engaging with your audience. In this particular occassion, I was presenting to the CEO, 3 product owners, the head of engineering, a couple of engineers, HR and their social media manager for good measure.

I cautionary tale, one of the stories I told was conflated with another, unbeknown to me at the time, the CEO called it out. If you get stuck like this, my advice is to, be honest and remember why you were telling the story in the first place and move onto the merits of it, not the particulars of who did what.

Lastly, if you go to the trouble of creating a presentation, make sure you tell them you would like to present. In previous interviews, I had let the conversation dictate the flow and never had the opportunity to present my hours of work.

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